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How to add client to HubSpot mailing list only if ebook purchased via Stripe?

  • 31 January 2022
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I have set up a simplepay on my wordpress with stripe payment integration.
I'd like to use zapier to :
1) Check if client has paid in stripe for the ebook
2) If so, add them to hubspot mailing list which will automatically send them the link to the ebook through email (and followup marketing)

Problem I am encountering is that I can only make it so that people are added to stripe on payment completion and such, which would add all my other clients, including those who did not pay for the ebook - to the ebook mailing list. Essentially, they'd get the ebook for free and that doesn't work :-)

Is there any way to add ONLY the people who have paid for that specific item ?

Please save me


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Hi @LBrunettin 

Try adding a Filter step to your Zap:

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Hi, I have tried adding filters. Either they 100% go through whatever option I pick, or they do not go through at all. It’s a hit or miss and in any case doesn’t seem to fix my problem as it seems broken :-(


I tried the following, considering product is 29.99 and “amount” in Stripe will appear as “2999”

I have tried adding dots and commas but nothing does it. See screenshots 1 and 2 in order to illustrate.

Number 1 is zapier, Number 2 is Stripe references.


I also tried a condition based on Text (specifically product description) went with “contains” and then whatever I enter it goes through, even if it does not contain the character string… totally lost.


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Help article for changing the trigger test data so you can manually test the Zap Filter step conditions against the example trigger data to see if it would continue or not:

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Thanks Troy, I have managed to solve that part by changing the initial trigger (stripe) to “New Successful Payment”


However, I am stuck on the HubSpot step now, as I cannot seem to collect the customers e-mail to create a contact in hubspot in order to add them to my e-mail list there.


As you can see in attached screenshot, the customer e-mail data field is not available to grab and use… however, I can confirm that the payment confirmation e-mail was sent and received and payment went through so there is some issue there


What’s next ?

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Hi @LBrunettin 

If the Stripe Zap trigger does not include the Customer Email (search data points for “@”), but does include the Stripe Customer ID, then you can use this Zap action step:


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Hi Troy,


I don’t think that will work as it will be a set customer ID and I need it to add the customer who has just made the payment, not the same customer over and over. Am I misunderstanding this ?


Thanks a lot for your time

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Ok I solved it simply by changing the initial trigger to “New Payment in Stripe” rather than “New Event”

This allows access to the customer e-mail as well as the Simplepay meta data, which I can use to select a specific payment form from simplepay - this is the solution if anyone is having the same issue :-)


Thanks for assistance

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Awesome, @LBrunettin! So glad ya’ll were able to figure this out. 🥳 Thanks so much for sharing your results!