How to add client info to Shopify?

  • 13 December 2021
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Hi @christina.d. First off, thanks for the help. I was strugling hard to add multiple products with Create Order in Shopify action. 

Only after this thread I was able to do so, but there’s still one thing I haven’t figured out how to solve. 

It’s the client’s info.

In the “set up action” there isn’t a box specifically to add the client’s info, when the order gets to shopify I only have shipping info.

This is the only thing blocking me from having this action running. Do you know how I can solve this?
Thanks Christina :)

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1 reply

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Hey @LucasLopes, welcome to the Community! 

Glad to hear that thread was helpful. I’ve split your question out into a new topic since it’s a new question not specifically related to adding multiple products to an order. 

I’m not too sure how that Cliente section in Shopify is populated, but I notice that the Create Order action has a number of billing address fields: 53c49be2d6cb5706e52ec3ea9400cc78.png

Does the information entered into these billing fields populate the Cliente section in Shopify? Or does the Cliente section contain custom fields that are missing from the Create Order action?