How to add an export of the airtable file each month to a .csv file that we send by email then automatically as an attachment?

  • 3 January 2023
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I have seen this topic:

But it doesn't work for me. I'm not sure how to do this, but I'm sure it will work for me, and when I download the file from airtable there are no columns in the file as there are on airtable. Everything is in column A.

Can you help me? I am very new to the airtable - zapier world.

Sincerely yours



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4 replies

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Hi @Sébastien DELLUC 

Good question.

Airtable offers manual export of Views as CSVs:

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Hi there @Sébastien DELLUC - was Troy’s Airtable support link what you needed? Anything else our team can help you out with? Let us know!




Hi @Rachael S and @Troy Tessalone 

I misspoke, sorry. My goal is to create an automatic backup file. 
The goal is to send an email to the client automatically with the airtable file in .csv.

There is an airtable topic that explains this but it is no longer current.



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Thanks for clarifying that @seb del. If I’m understanding things correctly here, you’re wanting to use Zapier to set up a daily automated CSV backup for Airtable and email it to the client, you found a tutorial on Airtable’s website showing how to do this but it’s out of date. Is that correct?

If so, it looks like the tutorial mentioned using the Openside app integration which it appears to have been replaced by the On2Air app. It seems like it has the same automated Airtable backup feature that Openside did so it’s likely you’d just need to swap out the Openside steps for the equivalent On2Air steps when following the tutorial. 

I’m not seeing a “Convert JSON String to CSV” action but suspect the “Perform Zapier Utility Task” On2Air action is the equivalent action to run that conversion to a CSV file. I’d recommend testing out the On2Air app to see if it will work for your needs. It looks like they’ve got a free plan you could start with to test it out (but the backups appear to be limited to 1 per month).

Want to give that On2Air app a try and report back?