How match a list to Tags in Mailchimp

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Hi there,

I would like add tags in mailchimp according the client answer at a checkbox question from Google Form.

The client can check all boxes or only several of them.

On Zapier, when i extract the google form, for this checkbox question i obtain a text with coma.

I would like add a tag for each box checked.

Exemple to be more clear:

ON GOOGLE FORM, the client selected


ON ZAPIER EXTRACT, i have these answere in one text, like this : A1, A2, A8, A12

I want add tag in Mailchimp for this client with all answere he gave:

He aswered A1 => i want add the tag AM1 on Mailchimp
He aswered A2 => AM2 on Mailchimp

But an other client can anwser A4, A7, A12. So i want to add tags AM4, AM7, AM12 for this client.


Could you explain me how can i do that ?


Thanks a lot

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Hi @Remi de 

Good question.

Try adding a lookup table.

Formatter > Utilities > Lookup Table

This Zap step works with line items.

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Hi Troy,


Thanks for your answer.

I tried this, but…

I will include some print screen to show you my results.


First test :

I used the Look up Table with the answer of my client. But Zapier detecte nothing (see the 2 print screen below)





Second test :

I tried to reformat the answer of my client in “text to line-item” and after make a look up table with the result of "text to line-item".

The result is only the first answer of my client is detected by Zapier. But i need all his answer and i want to add 1 tag by answer (see the result below by print screen)






So, no one of these tests is working as i want.


Thanks in advance for your help 😃 

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@Remi de 

This worked with line items when I tested. (see screenshots below)


Otherwise, you can try these options to do the data translation.

  1. Ask AI: ChatGPT / OpenAI
    1. Prompt AI
    2. Guidance:


  2. Code step
    1. Within the Code step you can generate code with the help of AI
    2. OR you can ask ChatGPT to help you generate the code