How do you set zap scope variables without the code block?

  • 13 January 2023
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I’ve got a zap that needs to have customer information set to be used in the zap, and it seems that Zapier has no way to set zap scope variables.

I’m currently doing it using a code block and setting them there, but that makes it so the zap can’t be shared, which is another requirement.

Any ideas on how to set variables to be used in the zap?

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6 replies

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Hi @pfriedl 

Good question.

Perhaps you can provide more clarity with specific examples and screenshots so we have proper context about what you are trying to configure in your Zap?


Also, maybe try Formatter > Text > Default Value

I’m basically trying to set company name, email and phone for use in multiple steps instead of hardwiring the values in multiple steps. I also want to be able to share this to a couple other agencies that need it, and the code block is the sticking point.

I’ll try the formatter, but with one step = one variable, that just adds a bunch of unnecessary steps. and other automation platforms have this, so I can’t understand how Zapier hasn’t managed it yet..

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Try using Formatter > Text > Split




Feedback and feature requests can be submitted via a ticket to Zapier Support to be properly logged:

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Hi @pfriedl!

If I’m understanding correctly, your perfect solution would be to store values somewhere (sort of like how Storage works) but then map those into various steps within a Zap and across Zaps, correct? Like saved variables you can use as placeholders, then replace in one central location to affect all the Zaps that use it.

It’s definitely something we’ve had other users ask for, and it’s on our radar. I’ve added your feedback to the feature request (every vote helps 😀) but in the meantime Troy’s workaround is pretty good for single Zaps, at least.

Thanks for the response. Actually, I don’t need to use the variables across zaps, although having that as an option would be good. For this use case, the variables need to be zap scope only.

As it stands, I’m using the text formatter to split a delimited string, and we edit that string to set “variables” for the rest of the zap.

This is data like company name, email, etc so when we’re sending emails, updating content, etc manually typing in this content per step is very inefficient, especially when we duplicate these zaps on a per client basis

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Hi there @pfriedl, thanks for clarifying that! 🙂

A Code step like the one you were previously using would likely be the most efficient way to create the desired variables. But, as you already discovered, it then means the Zap can’t be shared. So until the option to set variables within/across Zaps is available, using multiple Formatter steps to handle it would be the next best option. It’s a less than ideal solution here for sure, but hopefully it won’t be long before it’s possible to set variables within Zaps! 🤞