How do you handle PDFs with Zapier?

  • 19 January 2022
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Hi Zapier Community!


I’d love to know how everyone uses PDFs in their Zaps today (or how you would like to).  A few questions to get the convo started.

Do you use Zaps to:

  • Generate PDFs (e.g. certificates, invoices, etc.)? 
  • Fill data onto existing PDFs (e.g. government forms, releases, etc.)?
  • Send signature requests? :writing_hand:
  • Attach PDFs to CRM records or emails? 
  • Some other use case or is there something you wish you could do that you can’t figure out?


Full disclosure: our company, Anvil, just released our first Zapier integration (yay!).  We think a lot about data portability and PDFs. PDFs are super interesting because they are so “locked up” and therefore both a perfect and tricky challenge for Zapier.  


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences!

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2 replies

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I’ve used WebMerge (now Formstack Documents) to generate PDFs. I also tend to parse PDFs. Have attached these PDFs to records in CRM, upload to file sharing, and email.

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Hi @Sophie B.

Maybe not a direct answer to your question but we see a lot of users come to our service (PDFMonkey) from Zapier.

Common use-cases are (often combined):

  • Generating PDF files based on information filled in a web form
  • Generating PDF files and attach them to emails or store them in services like Dropbox/Drive

The types of document we see the most often are reports, vouchers, customized content (astro, kids books, etc), sometimes certificates or contracts and invoices.

Are you looking for specific usages?


Simon from PDFMonkey