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How do you associate a HubSpot Product to a Deal as a Line Item?

  • 2 May 2021
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i am trying to set up a Zap that adds a HubSpot Product as a Line Item to a Deal, but don’t know what the correct sequence should be - do I first ‘Find Product’ or ‘Find Deal’? And then ‘Create Associations’? 


Also, when I attempt to ‘Find Product’, I’m not seeing any options to specify the search parameters based on any existing HubSpot ‘Product’ Properties: 


When I attempted to ‘Create Line Item’ earlier, I received the following error: 


The messages notes that there may be a ‘Scoping’ issue, and that HubSpot may not be granting full access to all of the required objects (i.e., Products & Line Items in addition to Contacts and Deals):

Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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Hi @Kenzai 

Check out this help article related to the permission issue:

I have the exact same problem.   How can we associate a line item with a deal in a zap.

I use one zap to get data from newly created deal.

Then another zap to get data of line items added to a deal.

The 2 object ids do not match.  Please help on this as we need this connector to work.
We need a way to  link the lineitem to the deal via zapier.




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@Troy Tessalone Thanks for that link! It confirmed that we probably just need to disconnect and reconnect our accounts to rescope via OAUTH & access the objects that aren’t currently available. 


The big question is: if we do so, will we lose all of our current Zaps, or would they still exist and we’d simply need to re-choose the App after re-connecting/re-authorizing the accounts?


@Vidya  See above; I confirmed that it’s likely that our legacy connection between HubSpot and Zapier is preventing us from accessing the Product objects, and that re-connecting to HubSpot at the account level will hopefully address the problem.

I am not using a legacy connexion.  It is a new connexion.  Still do not have a way to link Line Item to a Deal.


I really need a solution for this quickly.


Thanks for helping

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@Vidya Here’s how I was able to configure setting up the Line Item Association Zap, I first execute a ‘Find Product’ Action: 


Next, assuming the Zap passes the filter, I create the Line Item based on the resulting Product ID: 


Finally, I used ‘Create Associations’ to link the newly created Line Item to the Deal created or found earlier:


Hope that helps.

Thanks for this but I do not understand how to implement what I want.


What I need is to get the information FROM Hubspot, in order to generate a purchase order, not to create a line Item and deal  from another source TO Hubspot.


I think I need to use Find Associations instead of Create Associations.


Thanks for helping me

It works with Find Associations :)  You are my hero @Kenzai .


Thank you SO MUCH