How do you apply multiple payments to a QuickBooks Online invoice

  • 11 April 2023
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I’m working on a Salesforce to QuickBooks integration and I created a Zap that is triggered by a payment record in salesforce getting updated. It then finds the invoice in quickbooks and creates a payment associated with that invoice and applies the payment amount to the balance of the invoice.

My issue is that it only works on the first payment that gets applied to an invoice. If another payment is meant to get applied to the invoice (for paying in multiple installments at different points in time), nothing happens, not even an error. I can see the transaction get picked up by Zapier though as it gets filtered out of a separate Zap we have running.

Feel free to ask any other questions, but if anyone has any idea what might be happening, help would be fantastic

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7 replies

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Hi @SOASadam 

Welcome to the Community! I'm sorry you’re having trouble with your Zap.

You mentioned paying multiple payments in QuickBooks. What action step are you using in QuickBooks?

Hi! Thank you!

Yes. Right now I am using a “Create Payment in QuickBooks Online” Step. Here are the fields I have mapped:



Like I said, it works as expected on the first run on any given invoice, but on subsequent payments that need to go towards that same invoice, it does not appear to do anything as it doesn’t even log an error in the zap history.

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Hey there @SOASadam,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help!

Maybe you can utilize Looping by Zapier to achieve this workflow. We have a helpful Community post that discusses Looping by Zapier

I suggest giving it a read and giving it a try. Let us know how it goes.

Thanks! 😊

Hi! Thanks for your help!

I’m a bit confused about how looping would help in my scenario. Are you saying that rather than having the Zap fire whenever a new payment gets logged in salesforce, it should keep looping until the invoice is paid in full? 

Just to be clarify the use case a bit more, this is being used to track donations coming into the organization and the pledged amounts tend to be relatively large and paid off rather slowly in monthly or even annual installments. 

My confusion is in why in our testing, the zap would fire once for the first payment on an invoice, but not again in our tests for applying another payment on top of the first one. The test data was the same both times and no error was logged in the history. Is there something I am missing?

Also feel free to ask for any other info you might need to help me get this resolved

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Hey there,  @SOASadam! Thanks for giving those additional details.

You mentioned the payments are being filtered out by a different zap - can you elaborate on that zap trigger and what the filter is? The reason I ask is it sounds like there may be something different about an “installment” payment record vs an “initial” payment record that’s not triggering this zap. 

If that’s the case you may be able to use Paths by Zapier to perform a specific action based on the payment record or create another zap and use a filter.

Another way to verify is if you have a live example from the second zap that’s triggering the payment and then filtering it out, I might look at the zap history and compare the “data in” from that run to another successful first payment from the first zap.

 That will give us a better idea of what to filter on or how to setup our path logic. Here’s a few more resources on Paths!

I hope some of this helps and keep us posted!


I see what you’re saying about paths probably being a better way to build this out in general, however, I already have everything working inside of their separate Zaps and I don’t want to move it all around now.

To clarify the usage a little bit, payments with one type of payment method (Giving Fuel) are getting processed in a different way than those that aren’t getting paid by that method. In salesforce, and I’m pretty sure in quick books as well, the first payment on an invoice/opportunity is not differentiated at all from subsequent payments. They are all simply called payments and I don’t see any difference inside quickbooks or salesforce that I could specify within a path step.

The other issue is that the Zap that I want to trigger on a subsequent payment doesn’t even trigger, so I don’t have anywhere to check the “data in”. Maybe that is insightful for you though in diagnosing what might be happening here though.

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Hey there, @SOASadam! Thanks for the extra context.

Apologies, I’m still trying to understand this bit here:

 ...I can see the transaction get picked up by Zapier though as it gets filtered out of a separate Zap we have running…

What is the trigger and app for this zap that is picking up the subsequent payments? And are you able to check the data in for those zap runs where it filters the payments out?