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How do we reformat Jotform configurable list widget data to fit Airtable format?

  • 18 October 2020
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I am utilizing the “Configurable list” widget in Jotform and list items are coming across to my Zap in a single field like so:


[{"Name":"Name One","Address":"123 some st.","Tenant Type":"financially responsible"},{"Name":"Name Two","Address":"453 some st. ","Tenant Type":"regular"}]


However, I need to reformat them to fit into this format:


Any ideas on how I can make this happen?


Best answer by squibler 18 October 2020, 05:28

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Hi @jesse,

In your case, you should just be able to do a JSON.parse(); in a code step.

1. Convert to ASCII


Probably should mention for anyone looking at this answer - the Input value would normally be the JotForm field from the trigger - I used the example text directly in my example.

2. Parse JSON



3. Add rows as line items



All works ok :D



The other challenge with JOTFORMS is when the data comes back in this format  [“...”]|[“...”] 

Notice the | symbol separating the values.

I needed to use a Regular Expression to extract the values, and then assign them to the RESULT object as I needed them.


let RE = new RegExp(/\[\"(\w{2,3})\"\]/, 'g'),
COMPLETED_STR = inputData.COMPLETED.toString(),
KEYS = ["A", "B"],
RESULT = {};

let i = 0;
while ((COMPLETED = RE.exec(COMPLETED_STR)) !== null) {

output = RESULT;


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@squibler thank you so much! This worked perfectly on the first try. I really appreciate the help - you’re a lifesaver!

Hello @squibler and @jesse , hope you are doing fine.

I am facing the same challenges. Applied the solution proposed in this blog, including this code in the second activity:


let AL = JSON.parse (inputData.ALs)

output = AL


Unfortunately I am getting this error: “You must return a single object or array of objects”


Do you know, by chance what could be wrong?


Thanks in advance