How do we automate lead tagging and follow-ups based on lead source in Keap?

  • 17 November 2023
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I am trying to create a zap or multiple zaps that when a lead comes into my listing to leads platform and is sent to my Keap crm it triggers to correct automation. example when I have a lead that comes in from the lead source get my homes value you I want that lead to assign a tag inside keap that triggers a follow up automation. then when a lead comes in from my expired listing lead source i want it to trigger a tag in Keap that triggers another automation system

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3 replies

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Hi @SitRep 

Good question.

Please clarify what your question is.


You ca search Zap apps here:

Each Zap app has a profile page that lists the available triggers/actions.

Listing to leads is a marketing platform that has many marketing platforms that create leads. If i just sent the leads to my CRM I would have to manually go in and assign them a tag to start the automated follow up system. Is there away that when leads come from listing to leads that assigns a tag to the lead as its placed into Keap my CRM that would automatically trigger the follow up system

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There are 2 Keap Zap apps.

Check out the available Zap app actions.


Keap Max Classic: