How do I use Zapier with Microsoft Planner tasks assigned in Teams/Loop (no To Do integration)?

My employer (unfortunately) uses Microsoft tools, which means that I have to use Microsoft Teams, Loop etc. Zapier has integration for Microsoft To Do but tasks that your colleagues assign you in Microsoft Teams or Loop documents are not part of Microsoft To Do. Those tasks are part of Micorosft Planner. The new Microsoft Planner product is supposed to replace Microsoft To Do in the long run.

Anyways, when using Zapier’s Microsoft To Do integration, I can’t access any tasks created or assigned to me in Microsoft Teams, or Microsoft Loop. Please add integration for Microsoft Planner!

I would create an app myself but I would be impossible to convince the IT people to let me add my own app to my company account. I’ve already managed to convince them to enable Zapier, so this is really the only way.

Microsoft Planner REST API:

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