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How do I use Zapier to sync Discord & CRM, matching users to assign roles automatically?

Hi there!

I wanted to ask if someone can help me out with my problem.


Short Introduction : I have a Discord Bot, with an “Verification” Button - when its clicked then a Textbox (modal) appears and the Client should type in their Email Address.

So far so good.


Now when the Email Adress is typed in the Data (also the Discord Username/ID is fetched automatically) it should be sent to Zapier via Webhook. (this is the part where im stuck on atm)


Afterwards Zapier should receive that Data and match it with the CRM (also via Webhook) so the CRM can check if that Email Address is already in the Database and if yes, continues further steps.


For example : checking which “product” the client has purchased and should receive a specific role for that.


Lets say Client A with “” and Discord ID 123 is already registered on our Website.

Zapier sends this Data to CRM → CRM tells us that Client A is registered and adds the Data → “Client A” “Discord ID 123” to the Mail existing “”

CRM also tells Zapier that “Client A” purchased “Bundle 1” → Zapier uses this information to either tell the Discord Bot that “Client A” is registered and purchased “Bundle 1” and the Bot itself assigns a Role or Zapier does it via a Zap.


Can someone help me make this happen or alternatives for easier implimentation?


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Hey @vik


Sure, this is possible. Which CRM are you using?

Hi @jayeshkumarbhatia 

Thanks for your reply! We are currently using GoHighLevel with LeadConnector.