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How do I use Zapier to link the Adalo app and Acuity Scheduling to create a booking?

  • 9 September 2023
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  I am new to the Zapier forum and have checked through previous posts but can’t find the advice I need. I hope someone in this forum may be able to impart their wisdom?


I have some experience with websites and Acuity scheduling which we run on our current business. The set up ,as it stands ,is a website with the capability of booking online using Acuity Scheduling. We have a reasonable size client base currently of about 8,500 and we work in the medical aesthetics sector. We use Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis but more recently there have been issues with hacking , accounts being closed by Meta for various unusual reasons… In the UK we also cannot advertise prescription only medications to the general public so we want to consider a private group.


I am in the planning stages of creating our own App for the business which will solve a few of the issues above. I am looking to create an App that combines the social media and direct marketing, chat function, along with the facility to add blog posts and also to allow the clients to book using the app linking to Acuity Scheduling. Our staff would also have the ability to add media and blog posts as well as answering chat messages.


I have looked at so many no code / low code app builders ! I am considering Adalo at the moment which seems to have the functionality I need using Zapier to connect to Acuity Scheduling. Most of it have worked out but theres a few things I cant find ? Here’s what I am trying to do…


Scenario > A current client of the clinic who already exists with a record on Acuity Scheduling joins our brand new App by creating an account. Is it possible using Zapier to have the Adalo App look up if this client already exists in Acuity Scheduling , recognise it is the same person and link the two ? Then be able to create a booking on the same record? 


Scenario 2> A client who has not been to the clinic before joins and creates an account on the App is it possible that an account is also created in Acuity Scheduling at the same time linking the two?


Apologies if this seems basic but it isn’t clear in the current topics.

Best wishes,



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Hi @GregM 

Good question.

Check these Zap app profile pages to see the list of available triggers/actions:

Hi Troy,

thanks for the reply … I had looked at both of these pages prior to asking the question but it was unclear from the triggers if this is possible. I can’t see a way of looking up an existing client record in Acuity Scheduling when and existing client creates an account on the Adalo App first time? As we have over 8500 existing records already in Acuity I don't want to start creating duplicates if we can find a way around it!

I have reached out to Adalo and Acuity to see if they can help.. Keep you posted !

Very much appreciated you taking the time to reply with your advice though.

Best wishes,


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Acuity API:

For using other Acuity API actions, you can try using this Zap action: Acuity - App Extensions

There is an AI assist that can help configure the action.


Thank you Troy .. I’ll have a look at this.. 

Best wishes 


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Hi there, @GregM! 🙂

I did some checking on this side and found existing feature requests for “Find Client” and “Create or Update Client” actions to be added to the Acuity app. That seems to be just want you’d need here so I’ve gone ahead and added your vote to those. I can’t give any estimate as to when or if that action would be added by the Acuity app’s developers but we’ll be sure to notify you by email the minute it is.

In the meantime, Troy’s suggested workaround of creating and App Extension seems like it would allow you to make a request to the Acuity API to find and create clients as necessary. Alternatively you could always try using Acuity's API Request (Beta) action for this.

Do let us know if you run into any issues getting a workaround in place, happy to help if you get stuck at all! 🙂

Thanks Sam appreciate the advice 👍