How do I use Zapier to identify and notify about duplicate Deals in HubSpot based on domain property?

  • 13 December 2023
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I am currently looking to use Zapier to find duplicate Deals in HubSpot.

Our definition of a duplicate Deal is based on the domain property being a duplicate value.

For example, in the original pipeline, there's a Deal with the domain property 'awoo'.
When a new Deal is created, it requires typing a domain property.

After the new Deal is created, I want Zapier to identify if this domain property duplicates any item in the pipeline.
(and there might be multiple sets; I wish to have these multiple sets of duplicate domain property Deals outputted to a Slack channel or sent via email to the relevant personnel).

So far, I've only managed to set the trigger for when a Deal is created and then use 'find deal in HubSpot' in hopes of identifying these duplicate Deals.

However, it seems like I need to use a loop action to help extract other Deals, but I'm not sure about the details of how to set this up. I am seeking assistance from the community.

Thank you.

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2 replies

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Hi @awoo_BD 

Good question.

You would have to use the HubSpot API to get multiple Deals.

Use the AI to configure a custom action.


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Hey there  @awoo_BD 

While what you’re trying to do is possible through zapier, but it would still be a manual effort to double check all the data, before making any updates.

What I would recommend is to do a one-time activity cleaning up the data, and then the trigger you’ve set should be enough to tell you if you’ve got a duplicate on a new deal. 

Hope that helps.