How do I use web browsing feature of ChatGPT?

  • 28 May 2023
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Hi there,

new to zapier, but so far I really like it. incredibly powerful and easy to use ! The only thing I am missing are connectors to mainstream home automation platforms like openhab … but I disgress.


I want to create an alternative to google news for myself. For that I want to query chatgpt once a day with a specific topic e.g. “show me the latest developments in the war in Ukraine in the last 24 hours”. So far the schedule from zapier works and the query to chatgpt and also the passing on of the result to gmail. However to my dismay my chatgpt 3.5 turbo query does not seem to use the web browsing feature.

I am a chatgpt plus user and have eabled the browsing feature in chatgpt 3.5 (at least in the web version - no clue if it propagates to general usage ...)


So I either get very old news from 2021 or no answer at all.


Any idea how I can change the request so that the web browsing feature is enabled ?




update: it seems the checkbox “use web browsing” only applies to chatgpt 4 and not 3.5. So not sure there is any way to access the web from chatgpt when only 3.5 is available ...

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Hi @McMornan!

That feature is not currently available in the ChatGPT integration (even if you have access to ChatGPT 4). In fact, it’s not possible to implement given what the OpenAI API supports, but we’re gathering those requests so that if/when it does become possible and implemented you’ll be notified via email :)