How do I use ChatGPT to automatically rename headers in Microsoft Excel?

  • 19 August 2023
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Hey guys!

I am new to Zapier, and for my first project, I am trying to make a zap where if an excel file is detected, (wither through new gmail attachment, or a new file in drive folder) (the file will always be a simple excel file, and only has one worksheet) Zapier will fetch the first 4 rows, and run it through ChatGPT to rename the headers according to a custom prompt.

My clients give me employee lists over excel files that I have to clean and then upload on my app through CSV. I, unfortunately, can never get them to follow a format, and the data always comes with their own version of the headers that we need for the uplaod file, and then some. So if I could have ChatGPT to rename the headers in my file, then it would save a huge chunk of my time.

Can someone tell me if this is even possible, and if so, then how, because I am having a REALLY hard time getting Zapier to do any further tasks after it identifying the file.

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1 reply

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Hi @Mehrab Hasan 

Good question.

If you always need the same Headers for columns in the GSheet, then you’ll need to use GSheets API:

Zap action: GSheets - API Request