How do I use AI to generate email responses based on a live Google Sheets stock list?

  • 4 November 2023
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possibly not strictly speaking a zapier question but


i want to be able to have an AI generate email responses to inbound sales emails with reference to a live stock list in google sheets.


we are a property company and we rent out music studios  


email in: hi - do you have any music studios available?


response: hi - yes we have three music studios available they are 100, 200 and 300 square feet and they are all available from November 1st. 

any advice greatly appreciated!







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5 replies

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Good question.

You can add Zap steps to find records in a GSheet to then use the returned row(s) data in the AI prompt.

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Thanks as ever for your reply @Troy Tessalone 

When you say the “AI prompt”, what exactly do you mean by this?


I’m hoping you mean the AI that is crafting our email responses?


Thank you 

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You need to provide a prompt to the AI for how to draft email responses.

e.g. draft an email response based on this info that is 3 sentences in length.

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Amazing thanks 


How would I make a zap that would do this?


Starting with the trigger “receive email”


thanks so much 

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I’m jumping in to see if I can help!

Here is how I see the Zap for the workflow that you have in mind:

  1. Trigger: Gmail - New Email
  2.  Action: Google Sheets - Lookup Spreadsheet Row
  3. Action: ChatGPT - New Conversation
  4. Action: Gmail - Send Email

Please note that this is only my rough estimate on how you should set up your desired workflow. With that being said, I’d recommend reaching out to one of our certified Zapier Experts that can help streamline your workflow. You can reach our Zapier Experts here:

Hopefully, this helps!