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How do I use a lookup field to connect Airtable and QuickBooks Online?

  • 18 November 2023
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I’m trying to create a zap for a connection between Airtable and Quickbooks Online.


I need to search Customer in Quickbooks from the Airtable record. In Airtable, the company field is a lookup field from another table. When searching Quickbooks by this field in Zapier, it’s recognizing customer as a number and not successfully finding a match

Note: I confirmed the customer is formatted and spelt exactly the same in Quickbooks Online so the only thing I can think of is the lookup field is not formatted in the method that the search field needs?


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Hi @ccamm086 

Good question.

The Search Value is the record ID from Airtable.

You would need to map a variable that has a value of the company name.

You may need to add a Lookup Field to the Zap table to bring over the Company Name from a different table.


Hi… the current setup is mapped to the company (previous screenshot) is a lookup field..

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Can you show screenshots of the matching QBO Display Name that has a value of “recMsbs14XHWCvsAE”?


That’s the issue I was trying to explain (Airtable is showing the company as numbers when using the lookup field and not the actual data)

Attaching screenshot from Airtable and QB

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In Airtable, the Company is a LINK field type.


 VS (as an example) the Billing Contact field is a LOOKUP field type, which looks up fields from a linked record.


In Zaps, linked record fields show the internal Record ID from Airtable.

In Airtable, you would need to add a Lookup Field to pull over Company Name.

Then you can search by the Company Name value in the QBO step.


Yes, that worked. Didn’t realize it was a linked record and not lookup field. I feel dumb🤣