How do I update the Prospecting Status and Sub Status in Salesforce Sales Pipelines?

I’m not seeing the option to update the Prospecting Status or Sub Status for SalesForce Sales Pipelines. Is this not an option? I’ve attached screenshots showing the statuses I’m referring to.

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Hi @jcase 

For us to have more context, post screenshots with how your Zap steps are outlined and configured in EDIT mode so we can see which app/event you are trying to use for each Zap step.

@Troy Tessalone I’m not seeing an option for the step for the SalesForce app, so that’s my question.


I need to update a SalesForce Sales Pipeline Prospecting Status or Sub Status as shown in the screenshot of my original post here. But I’m not seeing any records related to Sales Pipelines or Prospect Records within the SalesForce app. So I feel like this must not be an option?


This seems crazy to me that SalesForce wouldn’t have this option...

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Depends on the Salesforce Object you are trying to use.

For us to have more context we would need to see screenshots from Salesforce that show more info about where those fields live within the Salesforce app so we can see the navigation, page, and surrounding fields.


Salesforce Zap app triggers/actions and help can be reviewed here: