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How do I update my spreadsheet when a subscription is cancelled in PayPal?

  • 29 September 2022
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I have clients on a paypal subscription, and can't figure out how to connect a cancellation of that to another zap (to add a line to my spreadsheet to note the cancellation)

I can do the spreadsheet part - that's fine - but there isn't an option on the paypal dropdown in zapier for the cancellation to trigger anything else. I tried having it look for a keyword in the cancellation email, but then it just puts the whole cancellation email in the spreadsheet. Not ideal

Do you know if I can have it look for a particular phrase and then note the words after that phrase? in the text it'll say "The recurring payment for Name is cancelled."

Can I have it look for "the recurring payment for" and then parse the next 2 words?


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3 replies

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Hi @bonnie.rd , 


What you can do in the Formatter by Zapier is the following: 


  1. Event = Text
  2. Transform = Split Text
  3. Input would be the cancellation email (which I assume you already have in the trigger result)
  4. Separator = the recurring payment for
  5. Segment Index = Last 


This would output “Name is cancelled” 


Im not sure if that is what you need? 

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That worked! Thank you so much :) 

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Always my pleasure :)