How do I update an invoice in Xero when a transaction is amended in Dance Studio Pro?

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what do I do to ensure that DSP and XERO are syncing?  

Example once a create a transaction and it ZAP an invoice in XERO, how do ensure that if I amend the transaction, it will amend it it in XERO as well?

Is this even possible?

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Hi @SimplePls, welcome to the community!

Looking at the Dance Studio Pro Zapier integration, it looks like there is a trigger for new payment and new refund, would those cover the changes that you’re looking to make in Xero?

This guide has some helpful advice if you’re trying to figure out whether or not you can create a Zap to do something:


If you’d like some more help, please could you let us know what kind of changes in Dance studio pro do you want to use to change the Xero invoice. 


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Thanks kindly, i am hoping for it to sync with the accounting system, is that possible?

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Hi @SimplePls -

If I understand your question correctly, yes if you utilize one of the Triggers Danvers recommended, the Zap should transfer information over as designed. If this doesn’t answer your question, I’d still love to help. Can you please provide additional context on what you mean by “sync” with the accounting system? Looking forward to your response! 😃