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How do I update a specific Airtable record when ChatGPT generates a response based on that record's data?


my zap right now

zap looks for a new record in a airbase view

when it finds a new record it takes the relevant info into chat gpt 

chat gpt response is generated 


heres where the problem is. when making the zap i am asked for a specific record id to update. 

this means that although the zap runs multiple records into chat gpt , all the awnsers get put into this one cell id. I need them to update the cell in the specific row that was used to generate that response. 

right now a result from chat gpt is put back into a cell, and with each new zap into chat gpt, the new result overwrites the one before.

where am i going wrong?





Best answer by Pixxed 16 May 2023, 20:38

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Never mind i fixed it


i was telling it to update only that record as thats what a record id means, just needed to change it to a custom value not a fixed record id


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Hey @Pixxed! Super glad you were able to get this one sorted out on your own. Happy Zapping! ⚡