How do I update a row in Smartsheet when a record is updated in Airtable?

  • 10 March 2023
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Trying to create an Insert/Update action in an Airtable -> Smartsheet ZAP.

Row ID is required, but unsure of what it’s looking for.  Is this the column name in either the target or source, or the record id in the source table.  What value do I put in here?

3 replies

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Hey there, @Earl! Thanks for reaching out in community. 🤗

That depends a bit on what you’re trying to do! Can you elaborate a bit more on your workflow for us? Are you seeing this in the trigger or action step? Sometimes it helps to phrase it in the form of "When this [trigger] happens in Airtable, do that [action] in Smartsheet app."

Any screenshots you can share of your trigger and action setups would be super helpful too! 

Thanks and looking forward to digging into this with you!

First of all I’m trying to create an Update/Insert ZAP using the New Row Update action.  Maybe that doesn’t even do what I think it does?

I believe the trigger is fine(Airtable), because I previously created an insert new rows ZAP, but I having issues with setting up the New Row Update action.  Trying to figure out exactly what is expected in the required Row ID field.  When selecting custom after clicking the Row Id field, I selected the Airtable record id, but this doesn’t appear to be what I need to do.  




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Hi @Earl 

Good question.

The Row ID for the Smartsheet step will expect the Smartsheet Row ID, not the Airtable Record ID.


Smartsheet Zap doesn’t have an available Find Row action, but you can use the Smartsheet API with the action: Smartsheet - API Request