How do I update a Person record in Scoro when the First and Last Name are required?

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Hi all,

I'd like to update some Person record information to match their corresponding Company in Scoro (our CRM), whenever a Company is added or updated. The information I want to update is a namely a Category custom field we have against the company, I’d like the Person category record to always match the company category.

I have my Trigger set up as New or Updated Company.

I have then set my Action as Create or Update Person.

However when looking to update the Person record with information from the Company Record, Zapier requires you to update the First and Last Name of the Person, but I don’t want these to change and there appears to be no way to pull through the existing First and Last Name of the Person…

Any ideas how I can acheive what I need?


Thanks in advance :)

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Hi @epixzoe, welcome to the Community! 

Does the New or Updated Company trigger (assuming that’s the trigger you’re using?) give an email address for the person you’re looking to update? 

If so, you could potentially add in a Find Person action before the Create or Update Person action. That way the Zap could search for the existing person using their email address to find their name. Then in the Create or Update Person action you’d select the relevant fields that contain the existing first and last name for the person (from the Find Person action). 

Do you think that approach could work?

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Sadly this won’t work, as Companies and People are connected using an ID, so the company stores the IDs of all the relevant people. It’s a shame it doesn’t work this way as it’s a pretty standard data relationship!

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@epixzoe I believe you may be able to try mapping this over using the ID. Are you able to see if this is a field that can be mapped using the action step Sam suggested?