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How do I update a customer object in Salesforce when a bill payment is made in QuickBooks Online?

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I don’t see that there is a way of having bill payment as a trigger in QBO.

I want to be able to update a customer object in SalesForce (and potentially other transactions) when my finance team make a bill payment in QBO.

Is this possible? - maybe it is my undertanding

Is this planned?

Can anyone help me make this as a custom zap?




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Hi @RussellF ,


This will probably not be possible with only Zapier, but building a custom integration is definitely possible. My team and I use code to create online systems that can integrate with Zapier. This way we can still use the easy use of Zapier + extend the features.


I will send you a message and maybe I can help you out.



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Hi @RussellF! I wanted to let you know that there is a request to have this feature added to the QuickBooks Zapier integration and I’ve added you as an interested user on that. I don’t have an ETA on when/if that trigger will be added, but if it is, we’ll send you an email to let you know!

Hi there,
Is any changes for this topic? 

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Hey @WimZap,

I’ve checked on that feature request and it’s still open at the moment. I don’t have an ETA on when it will be implemented but I’ve added your vote for it. That helps to increase it’s priority and allows us to email you as soon as it’s added! :) 

Is there an update on this? If not, has anyone done this successfully using another tool?