How do I update a cell within a Smartsheet table using a three-step Zap?

I am enquiring how to update a cell within a Smartsheet table

A three-step zap has been attempted. the first two steps which appear to work successfully are:

Step 1 New Entry in Wufoo A form is completed and submitted by Wufoo

Step 2 Find sheet Row (Custom Action) in Smartsheet the submitted for information uses the customer ID to find the row entry in the Smartsheet

The third step is not working correctly.

The aim of this is to update the fee column entry for the row found in step 2.

We currently are a free user so it may be the plan which is restricting the success of this


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Hi @David Richardson 

In order for us to have full context, post screenshots with how your steps are outlined and configured, thanks.

Hi Thanks for getting back to me.

I have attached screenshots of all three steps. I am clearly not doing the third step correctly. 

But for clarity what I am trying to do is update the smart sheet with fee changes through a wuffo form 

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@David Richardson 

Try this…

Select the Custom Action from the dropdown list.

Then click the button [Refresh Fields].



Tried it and the attachment was what i got.

I have to say that I am not sure that I have got the logical step right. Are you able to confirm that this step will overwrite the existing fee with the new fee from the Wufoo form for that specific client ref ( code)

Thanks for your help


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@David Richardson 

Try clicking the buttons to remove the extra fields and refresh the fields again.


Are you able to confirm that this step will overwrite the existing fee with the new fee from the Wufoo form for that specific client ref ( code)

That depends on how the Custom Action is configured.

I have removed the extra fields and refreshed.

It hasn't changed the fee value in the smartsheet.

this is the error message I see on the zap

Failed to create a custom actions in Smartsheet

Required field "Custom Action" (custom_action_id) is missing.

Troubleshoot error

I have retried and I am now getting this error.

Failed to create a custom actions in Smartsheet

Unable to find or retrieve the Custom Action entry 3280.

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@David Richardson 

For us to have full context, we will need to see updated screenshots.

OK I will provide as much detail as I can but it will be tomorrow. hope that is OK



Thank you for your patience, I am sure that this can be resolve and is down to my lack of experience in the use of Zapier. Here goes:

Step 1 works OK see previous screenshots

Step 2 I think works correctly, it simply locates the row containing the information related to a specific client specified in step 1 the linking field is the client ID (CODE) I believe that this works correctly because the zap shows it passed the test and is therefore set up correctly

I presumed step 3 would be needed to update the information in another column in the Smartsheet relating to the specific row of the client ID (code) selected in step 2. This column is the one titled ANNUAL FEE ACCOUNTS. The contents of this cell is to be overwritten by the information in the Wufoo form by the field called ANNUAL FEE ACCOUNTS.


I believed that to achieve this a custom action in Step 3 would be required and the action in this step would be applied to the result of finding the correct client in step 2 to update the client’s annual fee.

At this stage I believe that I have not set step 3 up correctly because it looks like it is either not looking for the correct cell to update or I have omitted an intermediate step in other words I am trying to do two things in one step.

I have attached screenshots of all the stages in step 3 for you to review.

Also I mention that we only are free version users so I also wondered if that was a limitation to what I am trying to do.

Note we will also update the tax return fee update in the same way as the ANNUAL ACCOUNTS FEE once this one is resolved.


Hi I am asking whether i will receive any further help on this query? Or is there any other route I can take.

Thanks Dave


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Hi there @David Richardson! 👋

The error you’re getting is due to the value that’s been selected in the Custom Action field here:

It’s expecting to have the custom action you built selected in that field. Can you try clearing the selected Cells Annual Fee Accounts field from the Custom Action field and let me know if that then allows you to finish setting up that custom action in the Zap?

Also, I wanted to give you a quick heads up, as you mentioned earlier that you’re currently on a Free plan, and it looks like you won’t be able to turn this Zap on once it’s fixed as it’s a multi-step Zap. So I just wanted to flag that as you’d need to upgrade in order to have it running live.

Looking forward to hearing from you!