How do I trigger a new calendar event when clicking on a Microsoft Excel sheet checkbox through Google Drive?

when I click on a checkbox in my excel sheet I want it to automatically create a google calendar event with the information in the same row. thanks.

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I already tried this but marking the checkbox did not create a event on my google calendar

“New or Updated Spreadsheet Row” trigger behavior

If you’re using the New or Updated Spreadsheet Row trigger and choose Any column to monitor, any change to a row will trigger your Zap. If you select a specific column, then the Zap will only trigger when there are changes on that column.


Zaps using New or Updated Spreadsheet Row will also trigger for any new rows in the spreadsheet, even if the specified column is blank. To avoid triggering in those cases, add a Filter step to your Zap.

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You mentioned that you want to trigger the Zap when a checkbox is checked in your spreadsheet in Google Drive.

Have you tried using the “New or Updated Spreadsheet Row (Team Drive)” trigger? Please note that this trigger is a polling trigger so you would need to wait for around 15 minutes for it to trigger or depends on if you’re on a Professional Plan or higher.

Polling means that Zapier checks the triggering app at regularly set intervals, and only runs your Zap when new information is found. For example, the polling interval for our free and Starter plans is 15 minutes, while it can be as low as one minute for plans such as Companies! More about this here:

Hopefully, this helps! 😊