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How do I transfer data from the custom field from ClickUp to Google Slide?

  • 29 July 2022
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Hi guys,


I am trying to crate a zap that is going to creat new presentation in Google Slides based on the template. What I am trying to do is send {{text_content}} from ClickUp to certain place in the presentation, but i cannot figure out what should i use (tag) to send this specific data to the presentation. 

Help please :(


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5 replies

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Hi @LukasZietal 

I am not sure I fully understand your question. Are you having issues triggering Zapier from Clickup? 

Your google template will need to have placeholder variables wherever you want to insert data. Perhaps this will help guide you: 

Hi GetUWired,


This was exactly what I needed, thanks :)


I got one more question, do you know if I can transfer data from custom fields from ClickUp do Google Slide? I have created Custom Field but it seems like Zapier can’t see it.


Thanks for your help!




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I know Zapier can see Custom Fields on a Task in Click Up but it is an array of fields so Zapier will transform that data into a comma separated string so you may need something like this to convert it to mappable fields: 


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Hi @LukasZietal !

Just passing by to check if you were able to setup your Zap? 

I also took the liberty of adding your email to a feature request we have created with the ClickUp team, so the custom fields are returned as separate items. We’ll drop you an email if this changes in the future!

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Hi friends! Swinging by to share some good news!

ClickUp custom fields will can now be mapped as individual fields! 🎉 

If you search for the name of the field in the drop down, you can see all of the values available to you - whoop!

Thanks for your patience on this one and happy zapping. ⚡️