How do I transfer all student details from Google Sheets to the student list in Zoho Bigin without a company ID?

I cannot make a zap when trying to transfer contact from google sheet to zoho Bigin.
The only issue is company ID.

The company ID field in zappier want me to add the parent name registered in the Parent List in Zoho Bigin.
But it’s not practical to create a new parent name…

I need to zap all student details from google sheet to student list in Zoho Bigin without company ID.


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Hi @Aquatic Man 

Good question.

Perhaps you need to add another Zap step: Zoho Bigin - Search Company

That will return the Company ID to then map in your desired step.


Thank you for your answer .. But How to make a search company?
This is my issue.. How to add a step? and where?


I found the Search Company..
In setup action I found this question:
Should this step be considered a "success" when nothing is found? I said YES

But in the final step, the issue is not resolved.

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Hi @Aquatic Man 

You’d add steps before the step shown in your screenshot.

  1. Search Company
  2. Search Contact


Hi @Troy Tessalone 
This is correct?
What I should write in Full Name?
I tried many times but the test fail.


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@Aquatic Man 

You’ll need to configure and test each Zap step.


Might be best to review the Zap Basics help articles:

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Hey @Aquatic Man! Just checking in to see if you were able to get your Zap sorted with Troy’s suggestions? Let us know if you need further assistance 🙂