How do I track Google search visitors who book appointments via Calendly on our website?

  • 26 June 2023
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Hi there. We would like to create a zap for those people who find us on Google search, head to our website, then book an appointment online via Calendly. How do we do this please? Thank you


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1 reply

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Hi there @Comfi

Welcome to the Community! 🙂

it looks like it would be possible to carry out certain actions if a person who booked an appointment after finding the website through Google. With the Invitee Created (Calendly) trigger there appears to be certain tracking information fields available, in particular UTM Source:


So you could potentially add a filter to the Zap that only allows the Zap to continue when the UTM Source field contains a specific value. That way you could get the Zap to only perform certain actions if the user who booked the appointment after finding the site on Google. If you’ve not used filters in a Zap before you can learn more about using them here: Add conditions to Zaps with filters

Hope that helps to point you in the right direction. Please do keep us updated on how it goes!