How do I track daily Stripe sign-ups, excluding accounts, and send a report to Slack?

  • 2 June 2023
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Hi there, I’m trying to create a Zap that will report to a slack bot each time a new registration happens on stripe. I hooked up my stripe account to Zap and the process works. Whenever a “new customer” event comes from stripe, a message is sent to slack to the channel I designated. However this is where this gets tricky. I want to count the amount of daily sign ups and exclude test accounts that have the suffix. I tried adding a schedule or even an internal storage from Zapier but I can’t get the flow to work properly. Any tips would be appreciated.


P.S- I chose the username stripe by mistake but found no way to change the username in the account settings

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3 replies

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Hey there “ @Stripe”😆 -

While I’m unaware of a way to count how many daily sign ups you have (though I’m almost certain it’s possible. This is just the extent of my knowledge but hoping someone else may be able to jump in for the rest.) I can help you with the first part. You’ll need to set up some conditional logic using Filter by Zapier to filter out the test emails. 

Give that a try and let me know if you have any questions!

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Hi @Stripe 

Good question.

You’ll need to log each of these Stripe events.

I recommend using Airtable as your operational data hub.

You can then link all Stripe event records in one table to a master record in another table.

On the master record you can add a Rollup Field that can do calculations.

Airtable even has internal automations.

Automations can be connected to Slack.

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Hi @Stripe 

Good question.

You’ll want to log all your Stripe events.

I recommend using Airtable.

You can add a Filter step to your Zap, or you can exclude those in Airtable calculations.

The idea would be to log all Stripe events into 1 table, then link those records to a main record in a different table.

In the table with the main record, you can add a Rollup field to do the calculations for daily signups.

Airtable has automations, which can be used to send Slack messages.

So the Airtable Automation can be triggered when the main record is updated indicating a new signup.