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How do I track client sessions and payments using Zapier, Wave, Calendly, and possibly ActiveCampaign?

  • 21 December 2020
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I’m a coach that works with 1:1 clients. Current process:

  1. Client schedules a free session via Calendly.
  2. Calendly tags it in my CRM ActiveCampaign.
  3. Free session happens. Client wants to move forward. I create a recurring invoice via Wave that autocharges their credit card.
  4. They use a different Calendly appointment to schedule all sessions going forward.

My pain point/what I’m trying to do is twofold:

  • When an invoice is mark paid in Wave > record somewhere (??) that x number of sessions are available. (Most often case scenario: they pay for item X in Wave each month that allows for them to book 2 sessions that month, so I need placeholder 1 and placeholder 2 to end up somewhere).
  • Once they schedule a Calendly appointment, it throws the date in placeholder 1 above. Once they schedule another Calendly appointment, it throws the date in placeholder 2 above.

This process repeats. I have a way to track clients and dates. If someone reschedules or cancels a Calendly appointment, it erases it from this location.


Example of final output:


Client Jane Doe

Session 1 Placeholder: 12/1/20 scheduled via Calendly

Session 2 Placeholder: 12/15/20 scheduled via Calendly

Session 3 Placeholder: 1/1/21 scheduled via Calendly, rescheduled to 1/3/21 via Calendly

Session 4 Placeholder: 1/15/21 scheduled via Calendly

Session 5 Placeholder: [slot paid for but nothing scheduled yet so it’s blank]

Session 6 Placeholder: [slot paid for but nothing scheduled yet so it’s blank]


I would prefer this in ActiveCampaign, but I can’t see a place on a Contact record to store this. I’m open to an outside app, but the closest seems to be expensive ecommerce order management apps (too expensive for my case usage). I’ve begun to try Google Sheets, but woof! This is complicated, it seems?




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Hi @leighcambre!


Let’s see if we can unpick some of this to get you moving on the right path. 


First: where to record the dates/placeholders. I think that Airtable would be a good bet here. It’s a database software so you can organise data properly and it’s easy to view and sort your data without breaking any Zaps. It’s free up to a certain point so you could always check it out and see if it fits what you’re looking to do. The Zapier integration allows you to do lots with it too:


The part that I’m not sure is possible is being able to update the Airtable record when someone reschedules using Calendly. The two triggers available for the Calendly Zapier integration are Invitee Created and Invitee Cancelled. That means that it’s not possible to trigger a Zap when someone reschedules. In that instance, you may need to use the Calendly notification to prompt you to manually change the record in Airtable. 


If you have some trouble getting the Zap to fill out the right placeholders, the Storage by Zapier app might be able to help there. Storage allows you to store information at a ‘key’, so you could create a ‘key’ for each client and store the 4 placeholder appointments there. When each one is booked, you can remove one of the placeholders from the list, until there are none left. There’s an example in our help guides that explains how to do this with coupon codes that would be an approximation of this:


I hope that gets you pointed in the right direction!

Oh, I’m sorry. I wasn’t clear. I’m bought into ActiveCampaign (AC). I’m not looking to leave AC. It does well for me and their features are solid. I’m simply trying to figure out the proper workaround to continue using AC. I’m gathering AirTable would be a replacement for AC, is that correct? (Or am I misunderstanding and AirTable would serve as a complement to AC??)

For Calendly, how can those two zap options be updated? Is this a support question I would ask to Calendly? Ask them to offer a zap for Invite Reschedules?

Is your storage and key example good for filling out a database only? Or is this something I could rework for the “Notes” section in AC?

Thank you!

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Hi @leighcambre!


Cool, thanks for clarifying on the AC front 🙂


For adding a Calendly rescheduled trigger, I can see that there’s already a feature request for that addition, so I can add your vote to it. That lets the Calendly team know how many users are interested in that trigger and we’ll send you an email if/when it’s added.


More broadly, the majority of app integrations are owned and maintained by the app company, Calendly is an example of that. Zapier logs any feature requests or issues that users raise with us so the owner of the integration knows what’s happening on our side and we can let you know when we have an update. 


I’m not super familiar with the AC actions, but if there’s one that allows you to add information to the notes field, you can absolutely use Storage to add information there. 



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Hi folks,

Just wanted to pop by and share that the Calendly Invitee Created trigger is now able to trigger when a user reschedules - you’ll see a Reschedule URL field and a Invitee Rescheduled field now available, to help indicate whether the invitee has rescheduled:

So the feature request Danvers mentioned here previously has since been closed! 🎉 

If you run into any trouble referencing those fields in your Zap do let us know. But for now, happy Zapping! ⚡