How do I tell ChatGPT which text to grab for the multi-paragraph "Comments" field?

  • 15 December 2023
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I have successfully created (with Troy’s help) an email parsing Zap that uses ChatGTP and Javascript.

That works well for extracing line by line.

I’m using something like this


Parse the contact details from the lead.

Return as fully structured JSON object like this:

{ "NameFirst": "",

"NameLast": "",

"Email": "",

"PhoneNumber": "",

"Company": "",

"Website": "",

"Comments": "" }

Content: {{CONTENT}}


I can grab those items out of an email but they are typically one liners.

If “Comments” included several paragraphcs of information that I wanted to grab, how do I tell ChatGPT exactly how much text to grab as part of that field?  It could vary also.   Some emails that could be two paragraphs, sometimes it may be three or  more.   


How do I grab a whole section vs. one line?  Hmm…

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2 replies

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Hi @rockymtnway 

Good question.

Using ChatGPT as an email parser works well for structured email templates.

If the data is unstructured, then the results returned from ChatGPT may be inconsistent.

Really depends on how well you provide prompts for each field to parse.

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This might be off track but have you tried adding to the prompt

“Comments could be multiple paragraphs include as much as is relevant”