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How do I sync Xero (Outstanding Balance, Overdue Balance, Credit Limit, Credit Remaining) to Salesforce?

  • 6 December 2022
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I want to keep Salesforce up to date with some details that are currently held in Xero such as (Outstanding Balance, Overdue Balance, Credit limit and Credit remaining). I do not see a straight forward way of achieving this at the moment however I was thinking sending this information into a spreadsheet and using this data to be synced into Salesforce.

I am currently trying to find a logical trigger that would start the zap to basically retrieve all contacts with the above information and either update Salesforce directly or update 1 or 2 sheets that will then update Salesforce.

Your help is much appreciated!


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6 replies

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Hi @VinnyT 


This is not possible. My advise would be to have the data sit somewhere else and use that to update Salesforce. 


For example, export your current data from Xero to Airtable, use the trigger New Payment in Xero to update the relevant Airtable record, then use this to update Salesforce. Or you can just use this without an intermediate app. 

Hi @MohSwellam,

Thanks for your input on this one, much appreciated.

Unfortunately the data we are trying to pull over changes due to multiple objects in Xero (Invoices, Credit Notes, Payments) and therefore a payment trigger alone wouldn’t be able to cater for all. We might need to look at setting up individual triggers for all those events to update Salesforce but it will then result in a high number of zaps to update the info.

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Hi @VinnyT

If you’re able to automate downloading an export from Xero to something like Google Sheets you could use Transfer to schedule regular updates based on the sheet. I know it doesn’t automate everything that you need, but it seems like it would take care of a good chunk for you even if you had to manually export the Xero data. 

Hi @Danvers ,


Thanks for your suggestion, I am currently exploring this. Do you know how transfers affect our account usage? Will 1 transfer use 1 zap?

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Hi @VinnyT

Transfers don’t count towards your allowed number of Zaps but each record transferred will use a Task. If you’re not sure on the difference between Zaps and tasks, this post has a great explanation as well as links to extra resources:


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Hey folks! 👋

Popping by with a quick update to share that the scheduled transfers function will be deprecated on January 15, 2024. Any existing scheduled transfers will continue to run up until that point, but as of today, it won’t be possible to create new scheduled transfers. 

To avoid disruption, any currently active scheduled transfers will be migrated into new Zaps that can perform the same workflow. You can learn more about the upcoming changes to scheduled transfers here

Please do reach out in Community if you have any questions in the meantime!