How do I sync calendar entries from Kartra to Clio (Or google)

  • 15 August 2023
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We run a Kartra website for our small law firm. We have people sign up for consults on our website. We operate the case management out of Clio. But Clio and Kartra do not sync natively. Right now we have a google integration to sync the Kartra calendar from Kartra to Clio, but google doesnt get anything from the Kartra form but name and email. We would like to have it include all form data. I figured Zapier might be the solution but so far it doesnt seem to give me any options but making a calendar entry with data I enter once in Zapier. We really need it to scrape the calendar data and bring that info over. Is there a way to do this? Thanks in advance. 

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5 replies

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Hi @TLCtech 

Good question.

You’d have to explore using the Clio API:


Zap action: Clio - API Request



So I guess the fields confused me and clio DOES offer lots of option for these fields. Thanks!

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Hey there @TLCtech! 👋

Just wanted to check in to see whether you were able to get your Zap up and running using a API Request (Beta) action for Clio? Let us know whether you still need any help on this! 🙂

Unfortunately it looks like Clio doesnt support what we are trying to do. 

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Sorry to hear that @TLCtech.

In that case I’d suggest reaching out to our Support team to ask that they open up a feature request for this missing functionality on your behalf. The developers of the Clio app have access to any feature requests that the support team create for their app. So if a feature request is created for this it will help to flag up the need for this with their developers and allow us to track user interest. Which helps to increase the possibility of it being added.

It may also be worth reaching out to Clio directly as well, sometimes hearing from customers directly can have more of an impact!