How do I stop a transfer from sending messages in Slack?

  • 14 June 2022
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While I was configuring a zap I was experimenting with transfers as well. I completed (ran) the transfer twice and also set up zaps to run on a schedule. I thought that deleting the transfer would stop the messages from being delivered but now I have three messages being delivered daily; Two from the transfers completed and one (expected) from the zap that is configured. Nothing is showing in my Zap history for the transfers to refer to. How do I stop the transfers from continuing to deliver messages?

Help! One scheduled message is perfect but three is just spam. o_O Not sure how to fix my mistake so any insight is greatly appreciated!!

1 reply

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Hey there, @rachael! Ah, I’m sorry to hear about the transfer that wouldn’t end. That is super odd.
It looks like you’re currently working with our friends in support to get this sorted, which I’m so glad to see. I might actually recommend continuing your correspondence with them to get to the bottom of this.
That said, please continue to keep us in the loop on your success!