How do I setup a Zap to update my Notion database when Strava activity details are edited?

  • 20 January 2024
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Like many people, my runs automatically upload to Strava from my watch with generic names like “Morning Run”. I then edit these runs in the strava app and label them properly (Name, Description, Workout type etc). I currently use the “Activity Created Trigger” to create a row in a Notion database but of course this pulls the generic names when the activity is created. I would love an “Activity Updated” trigger which could then edit the row in Notion. 

2 replies

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Hi @rosenbergd 

Most apps on Zapier are built and maintained by the app developers themselves (not by Zapier) on the Zapier Developer Platform.

It may be best to submit the request to Strava Support.

Feedback and feature requests can be submitted via a ticket to Zapier Support to be logged:

Hi @Troy Tessalone thanks for the very quick response! That makes sense and thanks again, will do.