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How do I setup a 2 way sync between ClickUp and Google Sheets for Inventory Management

  • 19 June 2024
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Hey there! 


Im trying to setup an inventory management system via ClickUp and google sheets. Each item in inventory is defined as an individual task in a list on ClickUp, and has a couple custom fields such as Quantity, Description, Category, and so on. 


Im attempting to use Google sheets to automate the updation of the amount of stock for an item, so I can easily track what needs to be reordered. 


How would I go about setting up Zaps to allow 2 way syncing between Google Sheets and ClickUp, so if any update to custom fields/status/tags either in clickup or google sheets would be reflected on either side?


Right now Ive been able to create one zap that creates a new row in my sheet when an item (task) is added to the inventory list on clickup. From what I can gather, Ill have to create multiple zaps if I want any edits that were done in clickup or sheets to be updated in the other?


Ive included a screenshot of my sheet to get the idea across:



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Hi @GabeN 

Info about trying to use Zapier as 2-way sync:

I figured as much, have setup 3-4 zaps to achieve what I wanted, as was stated in the linked article. Thank you for your time.