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How do I set up subscription sign ups from WooCommerce to specific contact list in GetResponse?

  • 30 June 2020
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I want to connect WooCommerce to GetResponse. I need a zap set up so that when someone signs up for a subscription (yes I have that plugin already) a specific one, because we have at least 10... I need for them to get added as a contact in a specific GetResponse list. If I can do this then i need to set up similar zaps for different subscriptions/memberships to different GR lists. Thank you, Emmie


Best answer by PaulKortman 1 July 2020, 00:46

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Hi @emmiearug 


That seems like a pretty straightforward setup. What are your questions or where are you having difficulties?


If you start at this page and scroll down to the “Connect WooCommerce + GetResponse in Minutes” section you can choose the woocommerce trigger of Subscription and the GR action of Create Contact like so in the below screenshot and then click on the blue button and follow the prompts it should help you get started. 


If you have other difficulties please let us know (screenshots help!) and someone here would be happy to help.

Hi @PaulKortman , does this allow for adding to a specific list? I think @emmiearug is looking for that level of specificity.

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@Jay Adams you might want to start a new thread since this is a year or more old, but yes, the Action step for GetResponse will ask you which list you want to put the user/subscriber on.