How do I set up a Zap to trigger from Notion, connect to a custom GPT and store output back in Notion?

  • 19 February 2024
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I’m trying to connect Notion to a custom GPT and then store the GPT output back into Notion. The trigger comes from a new database entry in Notion and that will include the prompt to the custom GPT. I’ve looked into AI Actions which seems to be part of the solution, but what I’m confused about is whether the trigger of the zap can come from Notion. In all examples I see about AI Actions it seems it all starts within the GPT? How in Zapier can I set this up? I have the sense it must be possible or is it too much to ask?

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1 reply

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Hello there @Indigo_Anna, welcome to the Community! 🎉

Custom GPTs are separate from Zaps, although Zapier AI Actions does give GPTs some of the same functionality of a Zap.

For your use case you might want to look at using an OpenAI assistant rather than a custom GPT. The ChatGPT app on Zapier has the ability to use assistants in a Zap - see our Use OpenAI's Assistants API with your Zaps guide for details. You can find out more about the differences between GPTs and Assistants here: GPTs vs. Assistants: What's the difference?

I’m thinking you could use Notion’s New Database Item trigger in a Zap, followed by ChatGPT’s Conversation With Assistant action to generate the necessary output. Then use a Update Database Item action to store the response from ChatGPT in the Notion item. 

Would that approach work for your needs here?