How do I set up a Zap to automatically update an Excel file on OneDrive from the Brevo campaign's corrected data?

  • 1 September 2023
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Hey community!

Im completely new to this app. I created a zap where when a campaign in Brevo get's sent it should push the data to an excell file on my one-drive, during the test this works fine. However when I just send a test campaign to see if it works it didnt. Also Im wondering will the data stay updated if clicks and views increase or does the zap only trigger once?

Im looking for a way to keep this excell file updated with the latest data instead of needing to do this manually.

You guys got any tips on the right settings etc?

Best regards,

Sebastiaan Mathas​​​​​​​

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7 replies

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Hi @Sebastiaan Mathas 

Good question.

We would need to see detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured to have enough context.









I hope the screenshots explain a little what Im trying to do. However because the trigger is sent the data only gets pushed then right? While actually it would be better if the data gets pushed constantly after the campaign has been sent so that the data is up-to-date. Im not sure if this then is the best way to do it, maybe somebody knows how best to achieve this. 


Thanks for the help!

Best regards,

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@Sebastiaan Mathas 

Zaps trigger while ON for new data going forward that fires Step 1.

The Zap trigger is for Brevor New Campaign Status, which you’ve set to Sent.

Can you elaborate more about which data you are trying to have continually updated from Brevo to the GSheet? (perhaps provide a specific example)


An example of the data we want to sent to the sheet from the campaign is: 



Since after send the numbers of "opens" and "clicks" can still change I'd like them to be continuesly updated. And Im sending it to Excel not to a Google Sheet, not sure if that makes a difference. 

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@Sebastiaan Mathas

You’d likely have to use the Brevo API to get Campaign stats:



You may need separate Zaps for deriving different data points.

You can try using this Zap action: Brevo - App Extensions

There is an AI assist that can help configure the action.


Dear Troy,

Thank you for your reply and recommendation. The API you suggested is for Mailchimp, however Im using the API that is meant for Brevo since that is the e-mailmarketing service Im using. Could the Mailchimp API work for Brevo as well, is that what you're saying? 

Im new to this, and not that technical so if programming is needed I'll need to get the IT-department to give me a hand…

Thanks again for the input?

Best regards,


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@Sebastiaan Mathas 

Updated my previous post to correct it for Brevo.

You’ll probably need to get your IT team involved to use the Brevo API.