How do I set a delay between runs in zapier workflow?

  • 8 May 2024
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Hi Zapier Community,

I'm encountering an issue with my workflow, which involves processing over 1,000 emails using a ChatGPT email parser. The workflow is triggered when I assign a specific label to these emails. However, even with batches of 50 emails, I'm hitting the ChatGPT rate limit error due to too many requests per minute.

I'm not in a hurry to process all the emails at once, but I also want to avoid the tedious task of manually adding 20 emails every hour.

While I'm aware of the option to set delays between steps within a workflow, I need a way to implement delays between entire runs of the workflow or to configure the workflow to process a set number of requests in batches per hour.

Any suggestions on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your help!



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1 reply

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Hi there, @Anton111 👋

The Delay app has an Delay after queue option which can be useful when running into rate limiting errors. You can find out more about that here: Add delays to Zaps > Delay after queue.

Hope that helps to get you pointed in the right direction. If you run into any issues or have further questions do let us know!