How do I send the PDF as the body of the email and not as an attachment?

  • 5 September 2022
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We currently have 4 zaps set when a user completes a survey and dependent on there responses we will send an email to each user. We have a PDF attachment on the email, is there a way to send the PDF as the body of the email not as the attachment? 



4 replies

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Hi @Datacamp!

There might be a couple of ways of achieving this depending on what the pdf is/what you need in the email. 

Is the PDF a file that’s unique to each person, or do you have 4 PDFs and send each one depending on the reply of the user? If so, you can copy the contents of the pdf and paste it into the ‘body’ field of the email action in each Zap. 

If the pdf is unique to each person, then you would need to use a document parser to extract the text from the pdf and then add that to the email. 

I hope that gets you started in the right direction, if you can share some more details with us (where the pdf is coming from, the contents of it, whether it’s unique, etc) then we might be able to offer some other solutions 



Hey Danvers, 


This is the set up. Each person is sent a response based on the scoring from the Survey Monkey Response. But the PDFs are fixed for each path. We have 4 paths = 4 PDFs. 


We are looking for the attachment to be embedded in the body of the email. Could that work instead of them downloading it 


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Hey @Datacamp!

Thanks for the additional info and nice use of Paths there :) 


There isn’t a way to directly embed the pdf into the email (as opposed to attaching it, as it looks like you’re currently doing). If it were me, I would copy the contents of pdf and paste/type it directly into the Zap editor, in the body of the email (then add the pdf as an attachment as well, in case the formatting breaks in someone’s email app). Would that work here? Could you use html to re-create the pdf in the email body? And would that achieve what you want in terms of how the email looks?

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Hi @Datacamp!

I’d love to know if you were able to figure this one out - were you able to recreate the pdf in the body of the email?