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How do I send scheduled messages with information from Google Sheets to users connected via Slack Connect?

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Hi there,

I’m relatively new to Zapier and am setting up an integration between Google Sheets and Slack. 

I would like to be able to send messages in Slack with information from my Google Sheet on a scheduled basis.

I’ve managed to set up the integration and can send scheduled messages with the correct info to users within my workspace, however my setup doesn’t seem to be working with users who I’ve connected to via Slack Connect (they don’t receive any messages). 

Does the Zapier integration work with Slack Connect and if it does, do you have any suggestions how I can implement this? 

Many thanks



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Hi @Waario 

Thanks for reaching out to Community! 😊

I did a quick check on our integrations, and it looks like Slack Connect hasn't built an integration with us yet.

Most new Zapier integrations are built by the company or team that created the app, so I'd recommend you also encourage their team to add their app to Zapier via our developer platform:
Nevertheless, I've added your vote to our internal app wishlist, and we'll be sure to let you know if/when this app is added to Zapier.

Let me know if you have other questions!

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Hi Charlie, 

Many thanks for the quick reply and the info. 

I just wanted to double check something, Slack Connect is a feature within Slack that allows you to speak to users outside your organisation. As Slack already has an integration with you, would you recommend I still follow the steps you outlined? 

I can use Zapier to send direct messages to users in my workspace, as well as messages to Slack Connect users through a Slack Connect Channel, but I just can’t seem to send messages directly to Slack Connect users without going via a channel. 


Hope that makes sense, let me know if you need any further info. 

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Hey there @Waario,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help!

Slack Connect isn't actually supported in the Slack integration. It's a really great feature to have. I'm sorry to say it's not in place currently but we've had previous interest so I've added your vote to the existing feature request we have open.

While not all feature requests are implemented, feedback like this is a huge part of how we continue to grow our platform. If this feature does get developed, we'll reach out to you directly to let you know!

I wish we have something better to show you. Let us know how we can assist you further. We’re always happy to lend a hand. 🤗

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Hi ken.a,

Thanks for the info and the update. I think I’ve managed to find a workaround by inviting the Slack Connect user to a Slack Connect Channel and using the “Send private channel message” action. 

If you could let me know though if the Slack integration gets updated to support direct messages to Slack Connect users that would be very helpful.

Thanks again