How do I send monthly messages to clients with a link to their customized folder in Google Drive using Sendinblue?

  • 4 May 2023
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I’m trying to set up an automation (if possible) between Google Drive and Sendinblue. 


At the moment, I send out a text/email to my contacts/clients once a month, and I want to include a link to a monthly folder where they upload their photos. Each client has their own folder, and inside that there a monthly folders from Jan-Dec.


When I send them a message each month, is there a way I can can customise it to include their monthly folder without having to create a new text message with that specialised folder every time? 


Or is there an easier solution to this problem? Any help would be great.





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Hi again, @tstoolbox! What a great question! 🙂

Hmm, you could search for the relevant client folder using a Find a Folder (Google Drive) action and follow that up with a Add File Sharing Preference (Google Drive) action to generate a link to the folder that you can send to the client. 

To find the correct folder though, you’d need to also use a Formatter (Date / Time > Format) action to get the current month. To do that you’d need to use {{zap_meta_human_now}} in the Input field, that would insert the exact date/time your Zap runs.

For example: 


The above Formatter action would then take the date and time that the Zap runs and output just the current month in as Jan, Feb, Mar etc. like so:


You’d then select that in the Folder Name field in the second Find a Folder action:

One thing to note here is that you’d likely also need to add an additional Find a Folder action before the one that searches for the specific month folder. So you’d have two Find a Folder actions, the first to locate the client folder and the second to locate the month folder within that client folder.

In order to search within the client folder found by the previous search action, on the Parent Folder field you’d need to choose the Custom value option then select the ID field (contains the ID number for the client folder that was found).

For example:


Hope that helps to get you pointed in the right direction. Please do keep us informed of how you get on with this!