How do I send an automated email in Wix 14 days before my Wix Hotel clients arrive?

  • 13 June 2024
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I have created an email (in Wix) with information for our upcoming guests. The idea is that they get this email 14 prior to arriving in our holiday home.

All the guest information and the booking data are in Wix Hotels, but in Wix automations you can only set a delay timer (for example ‘send email 10 days after making the booking’) but this would not work. 

So I tried to find a workaround using Zapier (i’m new to this) but I can not find a way to make this work.


Has anyone done something similar?


(All the data is also in a numbers file, so maybe I could use this as a starting point as well if the Wix option fails..)


Thanks for the help!



1 reply

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Hi @SDV84 

The Wix Zap app has 0 actions available:

Have you tried asking Wix Support for possible guidance about how to configure in Wix?