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How Do I Send a Midjourney Prompt to Discord?

  • 11 October 2023
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I am creating a zap that sends an ‘/imagine’ prompt to discord from google sheets and slack, but the /imagine prompt requires an enter to be pressed in order to bring up the prompt input for Midjourney. Does anyone know how to make this work? TIA!


Best answer by ken.a 12 October 2023, 08:59

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3 replies

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Hi there @sddickie,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

Are you trying to send a /slash command on Discord via a Zap? If so, I believe this has been talked about this in this post here:

If this is the exact functionality you’re looking for. Please let me know so that I can add you to the open feature request.

Thanks! 😊

Yes that is what I'm trying to do.  Please add me to the feature request.  Thanks!

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Thanks for confirming @sddickie!

I have added you as another interested member to the open feature request. That does a few things:

  • Bring this to the attention of the integration developers
  • Help track interest in this feature being implemented
  • Allows us to notify you via email if this feature becomes available in the future

While I don't have an ETA on when this feature might be implemented, we will notify you via email if it is!

Hopefully, this helps! 😊