How do I send a list of data types beyond 100 rows of data in the Bubble DB Table to Google Docs?

  • 25 October 2022
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Is there good documentation on how to send a list of data types from Bubble to Google Docs, beyond 100 rows of data in the Bubble DB Table.


I can successfully connect the two, but often the unique IDs are coming through instead of the desired content format from Bubble’s DB.   If you are familiar with bubble, its a single data-type with 3 fields (1. Parent Text - Title/Heading, 2 - Sibling Text 3. Sibling image, there can be any number of siblings to each parent and dynamically sorted). 


I see plenty of help on Google Sheets, but I’m specifically keen on sending in content to google docs, then saving and resending back to bubble as PDF.


Appreciate any tips / advice. 



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3 replies

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@Troy Tessalone @nicksimard do either of you work with Bubble enough to know how @KTales could tackle this? Seems up your alley! 🤔

For what its worth, one of my trouble spots is Zapier seems to only pick up the image URLs.  I read in Zapier’s documentation that I should try a file field, so I added one to my Bubble table and uploaded an image, but got the same results, only a URL path returned. 

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Hey @KTales, thanks for letting us know! I see you submitted a ticket about this and started to troubleshoot there but may have deleted the Zap you were working on. For this issue, in particular, I might suggest continuing to correspond with our support team in that thread to see what’s possible and if this is actually a bug or feature request. We’ll continue to follow along there as well but if you end up getting to a solution/answer, we’d love for you to share it back here so we can share it with other members who might be running into a similar issue. 🙏