How do I send a 'File Not Found' message via WhatsApp when Google Drive search fails in my Zap?

I’m basically using WhatsApp to send a message. The message is a model number. It then searches google drive for that model number and sends the file. This works fine. But im not able to get a second path to work so that if no file is found to send a message back to say…. File Not Found… Im a newbie so be nice lol :)

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In the screenshot, in path rules was meant to say: “Does not exist”. I just used the wrong screenshot

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Hi @Fridge guy,

I just came across your post here and wanted to check in here to see how you’re getting on. Were you able to resolve the hurdle you’re running into here?

Please do let us know if you’re still in need of some help on this at all - happy to assist further! 🤗