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How do I select the third item from a Pick from list Formatter step?

  • 3 September 2020
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I am stuck

I want to pick the third item in a list.. I have tried entering 3, 3-th, 3rd, etc


Please can someone help me pick the third item on my list?  I can easily click the first, last, or random selections.. How do I select the third??




Best answer by Troy Tessalone 3 September 2020, 02:11

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If you want to select the 3rd item in your list.

Set a custom value to 2 (logic is N-1, e.g. 3 - 1 = 2)

This is because the list numbers start from 0.

0 is the first item in the list.

1 is the second item in the list.

...and so on.


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Zapier Formatter Help - Pick from List:

You can also select the "Use a Custom Value" option to use an option other than first, last, or random, and enter a number in the "Custom Value for Operation" field.

Keep in mind that the counting will begin at 0, though, so a custom value of 0 will return the first item in the list, a custom value of 1 will return the second item in the list, and so on.

For example, if I select "Use a Custom Value" and use a "Custom Value for Operation" input of 2, the step will always return "Mouse", the third item in the list:

Pick from list third

Any idea why I’m unable to select that option? Is it a subscription limitation? I’m on a Team plan.




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Hey @casebookbrian!

It should be possible to access the custom value option regardless of the plan you’re on.

Looks like that custom value option has since moved and now appears at the top above the list of available operations like Choose First, Choose Last etc. So it’s a bit different to what’s pictured in the screenshot. When you click on the Custom option you can then enter in the desired n-th value you want to use.

For example if you wanted every 3rd item in the list to be picked you’d set it up like so:

Hope that helps to clarify! 🙂